The headache (or cephalaglia) describes the pain that an individual feels at any point or area of the head. It is a symptom that may have or not a cause, which needs to be investigated in depth with the correct questioning and clinical evaluation testing (orthopeadic, neurologic etc.). There are many types of headaches depending on the duration, the region, the onset, the number of episodes and other possible related symptoms. The most common types of headaches are the simple headache (tension headache) and the migraine, whereas less common headaches can be the cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia, paroxysmal migraine etc.

Therapeutic Approach

The treatment of the headache consists of skillful manipulative techniques initially at the region of the neck and the cranium for relieving the muscular tension that may cause or relate to the pain, and then to adjacent areas e.g. temporomandibular joint (joint between the cranium and the jaw), thoracic spine etc. The techniques vary from simple stretching, mobilization of joints, application of pressure on specific muscles, spinal manipulation to acupuncture. In the suspicion of other possible factors that associate to the pathology like physical and psychological stress, food intolerances, and poor circulation, the clinician will adjust these issues by applying the necessary treatment such as relaxation techniques, nutritional/naturopathic advice, and hydrotherapy respectively. Simple therapeutic exercises are always recommended. No apparatus or machinery is used. The clinician’s main aim is to bring the body in such a balance so as to deal with the cause(s) of the pathology (if reversible), and at the same time to educate the patient e.g. ergonomic advice, life activities etc., in order to avoid any likely remission.

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