Psychological Disturbances

Stress, anxiety and depression are common psychological disturbances nowadays due to the intense lifestyle. Every disturbance can differ from person to person, hence the different symptoms expressed by each one. For example, one individual can suffer from insomnia, stomach ache and diarrhea, somebody else may present with frequent severe headache, while a third person may complain of intense chest pain, abnormal heartbeats etc.

Therapeutic Approach

Under these circumstances the approach is determined by the number and the severity of the symptoms. In spite of the psychological or psychiatric support that may be demanded in certain cases, the practitioner will evaluate the situation of the patient after taking a full medical history and will follow a protocol of complementary treatment which will involve manipulative osteopathic treatment, therapeutic massage, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and other relaxation techniques. It is well known that the medium of touch acts dramatically on the relaxation of the body, and there is no doubt that nutrition and diet play an important role in these psychological disturbances.