Tendinopathy refers to the pathology of the tendon, usually caused by overuse. Other causes involve traumas, which may come from intrinsic (e.g. subluxation or dysfunctional joint biomechanics) or extrinsic (e.g. tennis, running) factors. Tendinopathy is commonly (and most often) characterised as tendinitis, if there is acute damage of the tendon accompanied by inflammation, and rarely as tendinosis, referring to chronic damage of the tendon in cellular level.

Therapeutic Approach

The clinical evaluation and treatment is always executed after the clinician explores the possible factors that may have caused the problem. Bearing in mind that the patient’s old habits ‘die’ hard and there may be repetitive injury, the treatment of a tendinopathy can be very challenging. The patient must be therefore educated how to avoid any recurrent trauma, and treated with manipulative techniques*, exercises (exercise rehabilitation), acupuncture, ice therapy, and rarely with nutritional supplements for the restriction of inflammation.

Note: contact with the affected area is avoided in tendinitis and is performed only in adjacent regions, while in the suspicion of bone fracture or metastasis the patient is immediately referred.