Traumas are defined as the wound(s) or the shock to the body that is caused by instantaneous physical injury, as from violence or an accident. They are categorized in closed and open traumas, and there are many characterizations for their determination. For example, there are sport traumas, whiplash injury / trauma, repetitive strain injury etc.

Therapeutic Approach

Except from severe and open traumas managed by surgical procedures e.g. hemorrhagic spleen or fracture, there can be a conservative treatment. In this case, the practitioner will evaluate and determine the severity of the trauma after a thorough medical history and by running some tests (e.g. orthopeadic, neurological etc.). He will then apply a plethora of therapeutic methods relative to the patient’s problem and physiology such as manipulative therapy, exercises (exercise rehabilitation), acupuncture and hydrotherapy, and even suggest diet changes and nutritional supplements for the reduction of the inflammation that often accompanies a trauma.

Note: In the acute phase of a trauma manipulative therapy is avoided on the complaint area. In the suspicion of a fracture or a metastasis the patient is immediately referred.