Postural Correction

Exercise rehabilitation is the most substantial approach to the treatments of the musculoskeletal problems, with instant, yet long lasting, results. It is a complete exercise program, recommended for each person’s needs, aiming at recovery, rehabilitation and improvement in the operation of the kinetic models. Thus, each movement-exercise instructed is meticulously considered, specified and personalized at each person’s problem.

Factors like execution, dosage and frequency of an exercise are fundamental in establishing an appropriate exercise rehabilitation program, since diversion at one of the above factors may easily worsen the problem, exactly as it happens with a drug e.g. inappropriate dosage, frequency etc. The exercises recommended originate in the most leading and scientifically acknowledged training methods, such as:

  • Functional training
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Power training

The conduct of the exercise rehabilitation program may be adjusted to the individual’s needs, according to his/her time available, and he/she may execute it in our place under our guidance or at his/her place (at home or at gym), as long as supervision of correct execution has been performed. The program is for everyone and there is no age or lifestyle restriction etc.

Indication for exercise rehabilitation (4 basic groups):

  • Injury: blow, sprain, fracture etc.
  • Orthopeadic problems: discopathy, tendinitis, radiculopathy etc.
  • Prevention: From a 65-year-old who wants to make a health investment to the working person who wants to feel well in his daily life.
  • Advanced athletic level: a holistic approach to the body and the needs of specific sport, in order for the athlete to pass to a next level and reduce his/her injuries to a minimum.

Christos Skandalis, Post Cert, MPPTA